Do you know who is physical therapist

i've heard once the term physical therapist from a friend of mine but i didn’t really know what does that term refer to or refer to whom, and what does he really do, so i searched a lot and i was determined to know exactly who he is and what does he do? and my last question was that do i need him?

Who is physical therapist?

I have found that little of us who really know who is physical therapist and what does he do while probably all of us in deep need of him.


The physical therapist is considered as the only real expert in human body movement, As he can evaluate your movement and help you to reveal your real potentials of movement with the right training which is convenient for you.

In fact the physical therapist is specialized in the science of musculoskeletal system.

So the job of Physical Therapist is to help you to maintain your movement well or enhance it if it is possible.

As well we can say the Physical therapy is a vital part in the medical care system in any hospital or medical center.


Common reasons to need Physical Therapy

  • If you had accident
  • If you needed to stay in bed for long time due to medical reason.
  • If you are a patient in critical care unit
  • If you or someone u care about were born with disability so will need continuous rehabilitation



when to visit physical therapist;

Of course if you have a permanent problem with your movement due yo your past injury or wrong life style or suffering from pain in (muscles, joints, tendons or bones)

you will absolutely need to visit PhysicalTherapist to be evaluated and have a plan together for your best.

to be more accurate and helpful to make your mind if you really need to visit physical therapist or not, i will mention several points if you suffer from any of it, i advise you to find nearest physical therapist and visit him.

  • continuous neck or back pain.
  • Joint Arthritis
  • past or recent bone fractures
  • balance problems
  • after any musculoskeletal surgery
  • if you work in sitting position fir long time
  • Herniated disc
  • permanent shoulder pain


where to find Physical Therapist

if you are still confused about your need for visiting the physical therapist or not you can consult Arkan physical therapy and rehabilitation center.

Do not hesitate to share with us your concerns, as your health is our concern.


written by

dalia mahmoud